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What Does It Include?

Each one on one coaching session Lorie will be teaching you strategies to improve your wealth, mindset, business, emotions, health, relationships, and happiness. Be prepared to take a lot of notes!

  • Messaging and positioning to help you communicate the big problem you solve. 

  • Proper structuring of your business to help you craft your ideal calendar. 

  • Create strategic visibility to help your brand stand out from the rest. 

  • Formulate consistent habits to maintain a profitable flow in your business. 

  • Weekly access to 1 hour group coaching for 6 MONTHS!

  • Access to PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for discussions!

  • Two One on one exclusive coaching sessions for 6 MONTHS!

Exclusive Access for $550.00 / Month OR One Time Payment for 6 Months is $2,997!

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